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Hi, I'm Angela Stone Martin. I mentor and assist college students with thesis or dissertation writing, and I offer professional development opportunities to pre-service and in-service teachers to execute research-based classroom management strategies.

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Dr. Angela Stone Martin is the recent Founder and CEO of ASM Educational Consultancy, LLC. She provides on-site evaluation and professional development training to non-profit organizations servicing K-12 students in the Memphis region. She mentors and assists college students with thesis and dissertation writing services, and she helps clients with resume building and enhancement. Angela Stone Martin has successfully trained and mentored over 6 teachers for a local school, slashing disciplinary referrals by 30%, increasing teacher retention by 95%, and improving stakeholder perception and community involvement. Her expertise with employee buy-in and exceptional interpersonal abilities with mentees led to their selection as Teachers of the Month and one as the Teacher of the Year. Angela Stone Martin's passion for marginalized and disadvantaged students led to her research focus in the Causal-Comparative Relationship between Discipline and the Self-Efficacy of Adolescent Students. She is utilizing her research findings to broaden the understanding of the ways negative psychosocial experiences of exclusionary discipline affects students' academic, social, and emotional development. She desires to promote policy change to increase educational funding in public schools to accommodate the unique needs of troubled youth. Angela Stone Martin, Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership, seeks to evoke disciplinary reforms that will promote school engagement, strong student-teacher relationships, intrinsic motivation, and the education of the whole child. She strives to redirect the current focus of educational leaders on standardized testing to the elements that secure academic success and educational equity for all children. She believes more government expenditures should be afforded to the presence of and accessibility to trained psychologists and counselors within schools to intervene problematic student behaviors. In her tenure as an educator, Angela Stone Martin offers over 15 years of educational expertise and experience to evoke positive social change to alter the trajectories often afforded to at-risk youth. She has helped dozens of students enroll in and graduate from accredited colleges and trade schools. She has assisted several doctoral students with proofreading and editing services to obtain their degrees. Her endless passion makes her the ideal Educational Consultant to facilitate staff development to better student outcomes. Dr. Angela Stone Martin understands the deep connection between the overuse of punitive discipline in schools and students' internalized beliefs of inferiority, social incapacity, and academic incompetence. As a change agent, Angela Stone Martin has coordinated and led many training seminars to senior high school girls to demonstrate their full potential in the world. She has an exceptional track record as Teacher Leader with hundreds of student nominations as a caring and compassionate teacher. She believes true social change begins with self-reflection strategies to challenge implicit biases and to restructure instructional approaches for monitoring and facilitating student learning.

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Advocacy and activism to eradicate School-to-Prison Pipeline Policies | Disciplinary reform policies in public education | Research-based classroom management practices for challenging students | Student Advisor for first-generation college students

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